Treating chronic back pain with medical marijuana

I simply had to get off the pills.

While I hated dealing with the chronic back pain I have been experiencing for numerous years, the pills weren’t nice for me either.

I knew that if I didn’t find another path toward managing my pain, I would end up a junkie with a exhausting back. That’s oversimplifying it a bit however it’s the honorabletruth. I now have access to medical marijuana plus am changing my approach completely. My back problems are from an injury I suffered when I was younger. And being a young knucklehead, I didn’t officially heal or treat my injury. So of course, it came back to bite me all these years later. At first, I tried to manage the pain with OTC meds. That didn’t last actually long before I was off to the dentist. I was sent for PT plus prescribed the pain pills. The PT helped some however it was so tough on me. The spasms in my back after a PT session were so exhausting that I was brought to tears a few times. It was truly awful. As a result, I leaned more on the pills plus less on the physical therapy. Now, I’m off the pills thanks to medical marijuana. And I’m not stopping there. The cannabis flower products I’m using have motivated me to really treat my situation in a holistic way. I’ve changed almost every less than desirable behavior in my life. The change plus the medical cannabis have helped me think better than I have in years.
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