Who smokes at the theater?

I coughed a couple of times, hoping the person would stop vaping the marijuana product

I take my boys to the movies on Mondays. The movieplex has five dollar monday movies on those days and they always show new releases. It’s a great deal for a single mother with more than three children. I still spend 60 bucks, because the boys want popcorn, pretzels, and drinks. Every one of us always has a good time, and it’s perfect for days when the weather is too hot or rainy to spend the day outside… Last Monday, it was a dark and grey afternoon and the whole sky was filled with grey clouds. It seemed like the perfect day for another movie. I packed up the boys after supper and all of us headed over to the theater. It was a slow move, because of numerous crashes on the road. The boys and I picked out some snacks and headed into the movieplex. Then we sat down in the last row of the middle section, and all of us had the perfect seats. When the lights went dim, I saw a flickering orange light in the row in front of our seats. Then I started to smell weed. The boys odored the odd and pungent aroma as well. My son thought someone ripped one, even though I knew that odor was stinky, sweet cannabis. I haven’t used cannabis since college, but there is no way to miss the smell. I coughed a couple of times, hoping the person would stop vaping the marijuana product. I finally went to the popcorn guy and made a complaint. The kid couldn’t kick anyone out of the theater, but he did rest at the end of the row for the rest of the show. Every one of us never odored marijuana again.

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