You can’t take cannabis home

I went to visit my Dad last week, while I was out of school for the summer, my father moved to the west coast when I went to college. I attend school back east, with a couple of our friends. I am in my junior year of college and old enough to get pot and alcohol! Recreational pot is not allowed in the state where I live, but it is legal in the state where my Dad lives. So anytime I went to visit my dad, the first thing I wanted to see was a legal recreational dispensary. Every one of us went to a shop and bought some items to consume while I was on holiday, however after a few days, I still had a few items left and I didn’t want to leave them behind. After all, I spent almost $100 on the cannabis items. I carefully packed up the items in bubble wrap and inside of a bag. When we left for the airport, I felt safe and secure with the package in our bag. I was in the building for less than 30 minutes and an officer with a dog walked up to me and asked me to follow him to the security room. I thought I was going to end up in prison, however the officer searched through our bag and found the cannabis. I started getting upset and I almost peed in my pants. Instead of issuing a ticket, the man confiscated all of the items and allowed me to travel back to our main destination. I was so scared and terrified. I would never attempt to try that again.

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