Can Cannabis help my acne?

Ever since I was a young girl, I had been plagued with acne.

One of the kids called me pizza face, and I was so ashamed that I tried to quit school at age thirteen. My mom took me to different doctors and two dermatologists, hoping to find an answer for my ane. At one of my appointments, there was a young nurse who had similar problems when she was a teenager. She told me the only thing that helped her was a CBD cream her aunt had bought her a legal marijuana dispensary. Since CBD was legal, her aunt was able to purchase the CBD for her. I could feel my mom looking at me like she was wondering if I wanted to try CBD therapy for my acne. Nothing else had helped and if it could just take away the redness and itching I would feel so much better. The nurse told me that when we got to the CBD dispensary, I needed to ask the attending pharmacy about which CBD to start with and what dosage I should be using. My mom knew how much my acne was knocking my confidence and she told me if I wanted to try CBD for my acne, we would go find a CBD dispensary before we went home. It took us less than fifteen minutes to get into the CBD dispensary and talk to someone about CBD creams and tinctures. The pharmacist showed us several products that could help with the inflammation and should eventually help to stop the acne outbreaks.

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