I never realized there was a cannabis dispensary in my area.

I had the opportunity to work from home during the shelter-in-place they had issued because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

After being cooped up in my home for several months, I felt like I had just been born when I walked outside. I walked down the main street of town and saw many different buildings and storefronts. It hit me that these may have already been here. I was always driving by so quickly so I wasn’t late for work, so I never took the chance to look at my surroundings. During the pandemic, I had simply ordered groceries or fast food from the local stores. I would put my order online, pay with my credit card, and they would drop it off at the door. Five seconds after they rang my bell, I would go into the hallway and get my food. The last time I walked downtown, I found a storefront that had CBD products for sale, written on the front window. I knew a CBD dispensary was going to be opened in the area, but I didn’t realize it was that close. Our state now had laws that allowed for unrestricted sale of all cannabis products. There were different types of CBD blends, tinctures, and topicals. I had read a lot about CBD and the topicals were supposed to be good for restless leg syndrome, and prevention of leg cramps. I went inside and got a card from the budtender. I wanted the name, phone number, and address so I could return with my purse and purchase CBD products for myself and for my cat.


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