I’m finally making some quality cannabis edibles for a change

There is a group of 8 of us that properly meet for game afternoons! Four couples, including my fiance and myself, and all of us had met once a month or so for the last several years, however the pandemic really made us shift gears, however all of us just started playing online games while in Zoom sessions and that was nice enough to fill the void. Now that all of us can meet up again, all of us have been playing game afternoons twice a week, and all of us have added some new wrinkles as well… It was my method to bring some cannabis edibles to game night, and then I have done it every single time. This means that gradually the focus has shifted away from games and towards the cannabis consumption aspect. Instead of asking “what game are all of us playing tonight” now people ask “what cannabis edibles are all of us eating tonight? Or are all of us smoking out instead?” The two of us rarely smoke, because of some mild dust irritations, so indoors all of us restrict ourselves to edibles. If someone brings some killer skunk weed, we will step out back to enjoy it, and keep the beach house from filling up with pungent marijuana smoke. I have been easily working on a recipe for pot brownies to take them to the next level. Every time I have ever had pot brownies it was low quality brownie mix and low quality marijuana. I started making brownies from scratch, and grinding up my own stash of high octane cannabis. It has been a work in progress, however for the next get-together I think I will have a pan of my special Purple Haze pot brownies ready to serve!

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