The day meeting went better than I expected

This month is the 420 celebration week, then the actual 420 holiday is on Friday, but throughout the month the two of us are going to have lots of sales plus specials, but we’re going to have prizes plus free giveaways.

The dispensary is going to be tied up all week, because of the sales plus the holiday.

There are lots of events all across the city! I gathered my stuff on Monday day before the front doors opened. I told all of the budtenders that I was going to offer incentive bonuses to the crew members that sold the most items throughout the day, however on Monday I picked our lake house brand pre-rolls. The winner of the contest was legitimately an employee that has only been with us for numerous weeks, however she sold 69 of the pre-rolls plus they are legitimately more costly than some of the other pre-rolled marijuana joints in the dispensary. I did not actually expect the crew to be so happy about the contests, but they enjoyed being able to win a prize plus I found a way to motivate the staff to upsell on every client sale. This week’s sales are going to be through the roof plus that will help myself and others earn my bonus as a director. I get a healthy currency bonus if the two of us meet or exceed all of the yearly sales quotas. It’s one of the reasons why I decided to get the crew excited. I recognize in trickle-down bonuses. When I win, the two of us all win. The people I was with and I are one big team plus the two of us are only as strong as our weakest budtender.



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