They were selling local hemp products.

I never knew what I should be looking for when I was looking for CBD products.

  • Walking into a CBD dispensary can be a bit overwhelming, considering all the different products.

Nothing is properly marked so there could be no confusion over what you want to buy. Instead, you see broad spectrum CBD, full-spectrum CBD, CBD with just a small bit of THC, and CBD without THC. If you are looking for CBD to make you sleep or just to ease pain, you need to know what to buy. Broad Spectrum CBDs have no THC in them. They are a fully CBD based supplement to help with some pain and to relax. The full-spectrum CBD may contain some THC that is still a safe level. It helps the body to relax and even go to sleep. When you are shopping for CBD, make sure to check the labels so you know exactly what you are getting. Check to make sure the CBD tinctures, concentrates, or other product has the ingredients you want and not something you don’t. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re buying CBD concentrate, remember that it has a higher concentration of CBD and therefore it is strongest. CBD concentrate is best to use for pain and when you just can’t sleep. Even local hemp products can be packaged incorrectly. Check with the CBD dispensary pharmacist or a budtender. They can check the product for you, and make sure you are getting exactly what you want. It’s better to be a little embarrassed than to go home and take the wrong supplement.

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