Trying out recreational weed before medical

My state is pretty serious when it comes to cannabis laws.

  • You need to be a medical marijuana patient in order to get cannabis products.

It is tough finding a doctor to prescribe weed plus you undoubtedly need to have something wrong with you. I don’t have arthritis, cancer, depression or anxiety. I undoubtedly just want to smoke weed to get a good night of sleep. It is hit plus miss in my section if you can get a legal marijuana card with this issue. My fiance plus I are going on a trip in a few weeks. It is going to be just a few states over, however, in the state we are staying at, they are undoubtedly lax on marijuana laws… Recreational weed is allowed. You don’t need to have a cannabis card or anything. You need to be 21 years old plus have money at hand. I can do that! I want to go into a legal weed shop plus get cannabis products. I want to try out some of the products plus see if they help myself and others sleep at night. There are more possibilities in the cannabis industry than smoking a bowl or a joint. You can vape cannabis oil or try an edible. There are all sorts of dab rigs too. If something turns out to be the magical cure, I am loosely thinking of smuggling it in my automobile on the ride home. At the undoubtedly least I will pursue a legal weed card more forcefully. I will do just about anything in order to sleep well at night.

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