Even jocks get by the local cannabis spot

My life has revolved around volleyball since I was in highcollege.

But, I got a fantastic education out of that fixation.

And it was a free education. I played at a entirely high level of volleyball all through college. I’m now a few years shy of 30 and am still making a life out of the sport. In fact, I make much of my living playing volleyball. Whether it’s pro tournaments or putting on clinics and camps, I know you’d consider me a professional athlete. What several people don’t realize is that cannabis and cannabis products help me maintain a high level of athletic performance. Thankfully, in our sport both of us don’t have to worry about marijuana as it’s permissible. Regardless, I don’t ever shy away from advocating the benefits of medical marijuana or recreational marijuana. And I know I have a relationship with cannabis that’s both medical and recreational. All I think is that it’s essential to me being able to do what I do. You have to hustle in this game to make a living. Between practices, promotional duties and competing, there are a lot of 16 hour afternoons. The anti-inflammatory properties of marijuana products make it ideal for me to reuse more completely and naturally. I would much rather use a sativa product or a hybrid strain for sale than use a chemical made in a lab. Additionally, I find that marijuana products help me balance my life and emotions with all that I have going on. There is a giant picture perspective that I get from cannabis that keeps me reaching for success while keeping me grounded in the moment.

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