My husband and I are looking for different products at the dispensary

My spouse and I stopped at the cannabis dispensary a couple of days ago.

  • We were interested in different types of cannabis products.

I have arthritis in my fingers and joints. Although it’s not severe, it does prevent me from doing a lot of things I enjoy. It hurts to pull weeds out of the garden, bake a pie crust or play guitar. My fingers have been swollen and stiff for quite some time. I had heard good things about cannabis. I was anxious to try a natural remedy, I’ve been unwilling to turn to pharmaceuticals because of the long-term side-effects. At the dispensary, I consulted with a budtender who was especially knowledgeable. She was able to recommend specific strains for my issues. She suggested high CBD levels and lower THC levels to treat inflammation. My husband suffers from psoriasis. He has patches of scales on his elbows and knees that itch and can become painful. He’s tried various types of medications that haven’t helped. The psoriasis always comes back. At the dispensary, he found some topicals. The budtender steered him toward some tinctures as well. He can apply the tinctures directly to the skin for fast-acting relief. This has been life-changing for my husband. Cannabis is the first product that has made a noticeable improvement to his skin. My husband and I are both so relieved that recreational cannabis is now legal in our state. With nothing more than a valid ID, we’re able to get the medicine we need.

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