My mom takes cannabis for arthritis

I got approved for medical marijuana a couple of years ago.

I mentioned it to my mom.

I praised the benefits of medical marijuana because it helps with my back pain. It also works to alleviate anxiety. I have dealt with social anxiety disorder for the past 15 years. It seems to be a bigger problem each year. I told my mom that medical marijuana is a holistic plant, but she didn’t believe me. I visited my mom not long after I was approved for medical marijuana. I had brought along some edible cannabis gummies and offered her some. My mom was complaining about arthritis pain in fingers. My mom had tried prescription meds and Tylenol with no success. She was desperate enough that she finally agreed to give cannabis a try. The results changed her mind. Her relief was immediate and long-lasting. Ever since, my mom has asked me to provide her with edible cannabis products. She was afraid to visit the dispensary herself. She didn’t want to run into anyone she knew. She was still concerned with the old stigma surrounding medical cannabis. However, I talked to her a couple of days ago and my mom had finally gone to the dispensary. She spoke with a budtender and got some arthritis specific strains. She bought some topicals and tinctures. The tinctures can be applied directly to the afflicted air and provide relief. Since starting cannabis, my mom has been able to get back to some of her favorite activities. Her fingers feel so much better. There’s less swelling and stiffness, allowing her to play piano, sew and paint.


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