Nothing quite like great tinctures

My local dispensary provides a truly wide selection of orally consumable cannabis, including tinctures… I care about a smoke-free experience to safeguard the health of my lungs.

Tinctures are a relatively precise method because of drop-by-drop dosing. They are also much lower in calories as opposed to eating edibles. I can easily place a few drops under my tongue. The sublingual application allows for the active ingredients in the cannabis to be transmitted into the bloodstream quickly through the lining of the mouth. Because of this, the onset of effects is as quick as fifteen to thirty minutes. I am easily able to swallow any remaining liquid or add the tinctures to food for a delayed and longer lasting effect. Also, tinctures can be applied on a topical basis. I use them directly on my skin to treat bee stings, psoriasis and eczema and have found them to be surprisingly helpful! One of the greatest advantages of tinctures is the discretion of the consumption method. I lead an entirely active lifestyle. I care about hiking, cycling, rock climbing, kayaking and camping. I spend a huge amount of time outside. I have various issues with aches and pains in my joints, stiffness and frequent migraines. I often have a difficult time sleeping at night. It’s no issue in the least to bring a cannabis tincture along on whatever interest I’m involved in. The little bottle actually fits right into the pocket of my backpack… Any time I need to dose, the process is straight-forward. It doesn’t require any extra gear or specialized comprehension. There’s no particular smell or smoke, so the consumption method is incredibly discreet. I make sure to store my supply of tinctures in a cool, dark spot and they should last for years.

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