After I lost my office task, I went to the dispensary

I was laboring in an office and I got hurt on the task.

I was stacking boxes on top of a shelf when I fell off the ladder.

The first thing my boss made me do was take a drug test. I did not pass the test, because I was using recreational marijuana at the time. I knew I wasn’t allowed to use recreational marijuana per the employment agreement with my company, although I took a opportunity that I would never get caught. When I did, I did not protest or cause a scene. I left the office and gathered all of my personal items from my desk. I had to find a current task abruptly, although I unquestionably did not want to work in an office again. I put my application into numerous strange businesses. I did not hear anything during the first week, although I tried to wait patiently. When I was starting to guess anxious, I went to the recreational dispensary to purchase more marijuana. While I was there, I overheard a few employees talking about being short-staffed. I asked the budtender if the location was hiring at the time. I spoke with the director who interviewed me on the spot. The next day I gained a cellphone call from the director of the marijuana dispensary. She gave me a full-time task laboring in the office. The task even comes with discounts on marijuana products. I still work in an office, however my task is a lot strange than it was in the past. Instead of dealing with facts and numbers, I am surrounded by recreational marijuana products.