From the courts to the cannabis dispensary

Without playing sports I would never have been able to go to school.

I might have afforded to go to a trade university, which wouldn’t have been so bad, however a 4 year school degree was prohibitively lavish for everyone I knew at the time.

I was a killer on the volleyball court, where I won 4 championships for the high school team, so I was able to secure a full 4 year athletic scholarship to college. I wanted to learn botany, plus to do that I needed to keep in shape plus keep delivering wins on the volleyball court. Every one of us won 2 championships in 4 years, plus were considered university heroes! Immediately after graduating I stopped playing volleyball plus started growing small amounts of medical cannabis, which had been the goal of our system from the outset. You need to keep in mind that this was a few years ago plus outside of Colorado plus Oregon there were truly few areas cool with legalized cannabis. I saw the writing on the wall, plus knew the growing demand for medical cannabis would spike in the near future, so I got in on the ground floor of it. Medical grade cannabis has rigid standards that need to be followed, so I grew odd strains in my makeshift lab, to make clones for growing elsewhere. The same taxing toil ethic I used on the volleyball courts plus in the classroom carried over to our botany work. Within a year and a half I was leveraging our particular plus powerful cannabis blends into a partial ownership position with 1 of the major chains of cannabis dispensaries! My future is in medical cannabis, plus I have to say that the future looks bright.
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