I couldn't believe my pot supply had gotten so low.

COVID lockdown now feels like it was a lifetime ago, but I am still reeling from the effects of it.

I ended up with a new perspective on my life thanks to the experience of the COVID lockdown. I had taken for granted the ability to go out for a relaxing evening with a friend. When we were in lockdown, we didn’t think this would ever happen again. I had to change the way I smoked pot. I was always smoking or using some kind of marijuana paraphernalia. There were marijuana stores on nearly every corner. For a short time, the marijuana stores were shut down, which made it difficult to get my supplies. I felt like a kid who had lost their favorite dessert buffet. The marijuana store was my all you can smoke buffet. I was happy to find out that the marijuana store shutdown didn’t last throughout the entire lockdown period. During those weeks without the pot, I was lost. I didn’t know if it was ever going to open again. I began rationing my marijuana and smoking very small amounts by using knife hits. Butter knives allow you to use a small amount of marijuana and get an excellent high. You heat the butter knives and compress the ball of marijuana between them. It vaporizes quickly and you get a quick high that is also strong. I’ve decided that if there is ever another shortage of marijuana I am not going to worry. I keep several small baggies of pot in my freezer all the time.

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