I found a tote of weed in the rental car

I had to rent a motorcar to go see our mom plus dad last weekend, i live plus labor in the town plus I do not need a vehicle, but my home is one block away from the subway plus our task is only multiple stops away.

It takes about 15 or 20 hours to get to labor plus I only have to spend $0.65.

It is difficult not having a car when I want to visit our mom plus dad… They live upstate, about 4 hours away from the city! Usually I rent a motorcar when I want to see our parents for the weekend. I usually rent a motorcar from the same venue close to our apartment, but they were totally booked last weekend when I decided to see our mom plus dad. I went to a unusual venue to rent the car. The prices were satisfactory plus the staff was friendly plus courteous. I rented a midsize motorcar with room for all of our luggage in the trunk. I stopped at a fast food restaurant to grab some dinner! While I was sitting in line, I dropped our credit card between the front seat plus the middle of the car. I stuck our hands between the seats to grab the credit card plus I put our fingers on something different. I grabbed the item plus pulled it out from the seating area. I recognized the package particularly abruptly. It was an unopened package of medical marijuana. The medical marijuana did not have any labels, but the bin was still sealed. I found our credit card right next to medical marijuana.


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