I offer better service, however the nonprofit is splitting into our profits

When you live in a state with medical plus recreational cannabis laws, there are a lot of tasks available in those areas, i never thought I would find myself working in the cannabis industry.

I worked as an electrician for 25 years before I started our own company numerous years ago, my company focuses on electrical service plus power grid solutions.

I mainly work as a company plus a consultant for large projects plus companies. I was the only electrical company working on cannabis farming projects until a couple of weeks ago. I was enjoying all of the business in the area; Since cannabis was legalized, numerous farmers have joined the coop to deliver marijuana to dispensaries. Some of these farmers have numerous acres of fields that are strictly dedicated to cannabis sativa plants, then these plants need a particular amount of heat plus light. Since I started our company, I have made thoUSAnds of dollars assisting farmers with every electrical aspect on the farm! A couple of weeks ago, a nonprofit company moved into the valley plus they are seriously splitting into our profits. The nonprofit company offers a variety of services including help from every aspect of the business. They offer services from seed to package plus everywhere in between. They even offer free advice on contracts. They offer these services at no cost to the consumer. There is a important wait to speak with a representative from the company. I offer a much better service. Still, I have lost a lot of business since the new cannabis consulting company decided to open their doors.

Medical marijuana business consulting