I thought it was a giant patch of weeds.

I grew up in a small farming area outside of town.

No one really thought it a big deal to smoke pot because a lot of people had a few pot plants on their farm.

When I was old enough to be responsible, I was growing a few plants of my own. It wasn’t long after that I moved to the city and lived there for almost fifteen year. When COVID hit, I ended up moving back to my old hometown. I was walking through the woods and I found the patch where I once grew marijuana. It looked like a jungle of weeds and I had to laugh. I remembered how I nearly broke my back to keep those plants growing. Yet, here we were, fifteen years later. The patch had remained untended and yet the plants were flourishing. I was hoping for something I could smoke. I could believe it when I found a steady stream of pot ready for use. I was able to harvest several pounds of weed that day and I hadn’t made a dent in that field. I don’t know how, but the pot plants had been growing there for years and no one had found it. I called up an old friend of mine and asked if she knew of anyone who would like to buy some fresh weed. After that phone call, I ended up selling all of the freshly harvested marijuana within 24 hours. I plan on harvesting the rest of the marijuana that is growing out there. It ended up being a nice side income for the next several months.


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