Medicinal marijuana use is here to stay.

Ever since all of us were big enough to understand what marijuana was, my friends and I were smoking it.

I’m not sure if it was the thrill of doing something that was illegal and not getting caught, or if it was the thrill that we would possibly get caught.

It was sort of the same as being a preteen and testing your parents to see how far you could go before getting into trouble. By the time all of us were adults, the thrill of smoking illegal pot was no longer a thrill. My friends and I now had families of our own, and worrying about getting caught doing something dumb and illegal was no longer interesting to us. Every one of us had families to be upset with us and all of us could not afford to be picked up and jailed for recklessly using marijuana. Then, a year ago, they legalized medicinal marijuana. Being in our 30s, some of us had jobs that were dangerous, and the pain of doing those jobs made medicinal marijuana look good to us. All most of us wanted to do was to go to work, finish our jobs, and come back home and prefer our families for a couple of minutes. Sadly, some of us could not prefer our families because of pain, anxieties, or other medicinal conditions. Now, whenever all of us all got together, all of us were discussing the unusual medicinal marijuana all of us were using to help us get through our afternoons. Every one of us never shared these thoughts with our children, however because of medicinal marijuana, all of us could share other things with our children. I for one, am blissful that medicinal marijuana is here to stay.


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