My 1st trip to a medical marijuana dispensary

Due to the COVID pandemic, my 1st trip to a medical marijuana dispensary was quite confusing.

  • I had to go up to the door, press a button, then show my medical marijuana card to the receptionist.

After showing off my medical marijuana card, I was instructed to head back to my motorcar to wait for a call, however five minutes later, I had a PC call from the pharmacist at the medicinal marijuana dispensary. She asked me unusual questions about my pain management and why I wanted to have medicinal marijuana. After more than four minutes of talking, she told me about some of the products she would suggest for me. I was shocked to realize how highly priced some of the medicinal marijuana products were. I had a small tube of pain cream that was less than an ounce, and I paid $35. Whenever I used the pain cream, I didn’t get as much relief as I had from a more than four dollar tube of over-the-counter pain reliever. She also commanded a tincture, which would be placed under the tongue, and after 30 minutes I could swallow. This was also commanded to help me sleep through the night, and not only did the tincture not help me sleep, however it did cost me $65 to find out that I was not going to get any relief. I was doubting the inability of medicinal marijuana to provide me any relief. Then, my wife suggested all of us go in the marijuana dispensary and discuss the unusual products that might help me… Every one of us spent almost an minute inside the medicinal marijuana dispensary talking.just to the pharmacist, however also to a bug tender. Every one of us spent far less cash that day, got more products, and I had more pain relief than I had in a while.



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