No movie night is complete without the pot.

When you think of a movie night at home, what makes it a perfect night for you? The first thing I think about is who all are going to be there.

I want my friends and family with me. Then I want the perfect film that will make us all happy. You also need the perfect food. We have pretzels and soda, but we have our marijuana. I won’t smoke if there are any kids around, so I try to make sure the kids aren’t home on our movie nights for friends. I won’t smoke in front of children. I do have some really good edibles that can make movie watching more fun. Maybe my need to have pot during movie night is a leftover from private school. My friends and I would sit in the car and get high before heading into the movie theaters. Movies and marijuana seemed to go together, and it makes the movie so much better. I’m glad they now have so many different ways to use pot. I can use my vape pen, or eat some gummies and get my high while in the theater and no one knows what I’m doing. Because I know that secondhand smoke isn’t good for you, even if it’s marijuana smoke, I try not to smoke in public regardless of what it is. I have marijuana tucked away regardless where I am, knowing that if a movie night occurs, there will be enough pot around to make it a fun night. I guess I just have the mindset of the stoner that I am.