Thankfully someone had a joint in the car

I went to a wedding with our bestie as well as he told myself and others not to bring any weed, then i have been using medical marijuana for a while, as well as now that it is also legal for recreational purposes, I smoke weed all day as well as all night.

I do not recognize it is a undoubtedly sizable deal, but our bestie was afraid that his parents as well as his family would freak out if I smelled care about marijuana on the day of the wedding.

I agreed not to smoke any weed in the automobile or bring any marijuana to the reception. I wasn’t exactly blissful with the proposal, however I didn’t want our bestie to go to the wedding alone; The wedding was particularly boring as well as our bestie as well as I nearly fell asleep before the couple exchanged their vows. The reception wasn’t until later that day, multiple hours after the end of the wedding; My bestie as well as I were supposed to stand around as well as wait for all of the activities to begin. I was start to recognize that the wedding was a excruciating idea, as well as then someone asked us if the people I was with and I wanted to join them for a joint in the car. My bestie looked surprised when he turned around as well as it was his 17 year outdated brother. I didn’t care if it was the pope. I agreed to join the guy in his automobile as well as the people I was with and I smoked a joint before the reception began. I am sure I didn’t smell care about marijuana any more or less then our bestie’s brother as well as he isn’teven outdated enough to buy the plant legally.

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