The dispensary is having a winner every day this month

To celebrate Christmas and the Wintertide holidays, the recreational marijuana dispensary is having a winner every day this month, however as long as you go to the dispensary and make a purchase, you qualify for the daily drawing.

There is no minimum amount to purchase, and a single pre-rolled marijuana cigarette will qualify you for the drawing.

The prizes are determined ahead of time. They have given out free bowls and papers, lighters, hats, and tshirts. They have also given away free grams of concentrate and fifths of marijuana. I was there 1 day when they pulled the name for the winner, however it wasn’t me, then so far, my name has not been drawn as a winner. I’ve been to the dispensary 3 strange times this month… Normally I would purchase all of my supplies at once, however with the drawings I decided to make more trips. I want to win something. I spend about $300 every month at the weed shop. My friends have also gone to the dispensary as well and none of their names have been selected either. I’m going to pick up some cannabis supplies on Wednesday and I’m going to visit the dispensary again on Thursday so my name will be in the drawing for both afternoons. The prize on Thursday is a gift bag with topicals and inhalants. All of the products come from the same company. I’d appreciate to win that particular gift basket, because all of those products are unquestionably fancy. The topicals alone are worth $60, and that’s only 1 item in the prize pack.

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