The employer was going to supply me a hard time about the sale

My wifey plus I went to a marijuana shop last weekend, however there was a sizable sign on the door listing all of the yearly specials. The marijuana shop had a couple of buy one plus get one for a dollar sales, my wifey plus I picked out a couple of grams of marijuana concentrate and 3 strange third of dried marijuana flower, but every one of us also purchased a few strange edible cannabis products, then i wanted a tote of peanut butter cookies plus our wifey picked out a chocolate bar infused with CBD plus CBN, and since both of us spent more than $100 in the store, our wifey plus I qualified for a free gift. The free gift was a pack of pre-rolls marijuana cigarettes. I tried to spend more than $100, so both of us would qualify for the pack of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes, but unfortunately, the employer was going to supply me a hard time about the sale. She told us that both of us could not combine the sales. Since both of us got items that were buy one plus get one for a dollar, both of us could not qualify for the pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. I was actually frustrated when I heard the news plus I threatened to take our supplier to a strange cannabis shop. I was ready to leave the store with our principles plus I would have happily walked out the door. Instead, the employer decided to honor both of the sales. My wifey plus I spent $300 that day in the store, but I would have left plus gone to another place. The salesperson should have been more particular when detailing the sale in the first place.