There were way too many marijuana products!

My last trip to the medicinal marijuana dispensary was not quite as confusing as the first trip.

  • I already had a method for what to expect.

The cost of medicinal marijuana products was not a shock. After my discussion with both the marijuana pharmacist and the budtender, I was better informed. They gave me information on their site and talked to me about putting in an order through the website itself, and knowing how to understand marijuana products and how they should best be used, gave me the ability to pick and choose what was going to be best for my personal pain management. The budtender told me the difference between the Sativa products and other marijuana products.I was surprised to find out that some marijuana products are best for sleep and others should only be used during the afternoon. The budtender talked to us the difference between buds, sugar, and other products! By the time all of us left the marijuana dispensary that day, all of us were more well-informed, that all of us felt able to choose marijuana products that would aid with my pain management. It was a delight being able to go online to the marijuana dispensary site, and choose products at a leisurely pace. After putting in our order at the medicinal marijuana dispensary, all of us were directed to make the pickup by 9 PM and to bring our form of payment. I never realized that purchasing medicinal marijuana could be done with such ease and anonymity. I had put off purchasing my medicinal marijuana card for more than four years, because I was upset about people in our community knowing that I used medicinal marijuana.

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