What are your thoughts on medical cannabis legalization?

So what I did was forge prescription cannabis cards, plus sold them for half of what the real ones cost.

It worked for a few months, however once someone caught wind of it all the local suppliers became more careful about checking the cannabis cards.

It didn’t take long before the whole vetting system was upgraded, then the real cards became scannable, which meant I was out of company for good. I can’t say that I gained an important lesson, other than that a whole lot of people want medical cannabis who don’t get access to it. This leads myself and others to think that within the next couple of years recreational cannabis use will also be legal. It can’t take truly long, can it? Every one of us are on a so-called “slippery slope” towards total cannabis legalization, plus for one truly direct and straightforward reason. The more people learn about medical cannabis, the more they realize it should never have been made illegal in the first site. Even people that have no interest in ever using cannabis are beginning to understand that there is nothing wrong with the plant. Lots of people don’t drink wine, plus yet don’t demand that coors be made illegal, well the same is tplot for cannabis use. If anything, medical cannabis is far safer to use than alcohol will ever be, so why shouldn’t it be legal across the board? Well, for right now only medical cannabis use is legalized, however that should be coming to an end pretty soon. I never got into trouble for forging the medical cannabis cards, plus I love to guess I helped a few people out, too.