Celebrating the new year

A few days before the new year, I started to get some emails from the cannabis dispensaries in the city.

Every cannabis store that I have visited in the past sent me a message about the sales as well as specials occurring before the holiday.

One in particular was having a sale on almost everything in the shop, and they had many different types of cannabis concentrate available for buy 1 as well as get 1 for a dollar. They had half price top shelf flower products available as well, and after looking at all of the email ads, I decided to go to a dispensary down south on New Year’s Eve. The locale was showing our number one genre of infused pre-roll. The infused pre-rolls are usually $26 each, but they were on sale for 15 bucks on New Year’s Eve, then I picked up an infused pre-roll in sativa, hybrid, as well as indica varieties. I also bought a disposable vape pen for the next day, then my friends as well as I were going to a local bowl game; When our friends as well as I got together later that evening to celebrate the New Year, the two of us smoked the hybrid pre-roll. It was called Tropicana cookies. It tasted so good and the scent was almost as nice as the flavor. I could have smoked an entire joint on our own. We smoked the pre-rolled joint around 10:30. I felt the effects almost immediately after finishing the joint. I was certainly feeling calm as well as relaxed by the time the ball finally fell to the ground. It was a beautiful way to bring in the new year.

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