Date night gets really fun with trip to cannabis dispensary

And that turned into just a fun and light hearted weekend

My wife and I have been together for nearly 20 years. And I wouldn’t trade away a single moment of that experience. While we have certainly faced our challenges, we’ve always stayed solidly together in facing those challenges. It’s so great when your wife is your best friend and partner. We met in college. I was a pretty serious guy and she was a bit more of a free spirit. Actually, she’s the person who introduced me to recreational marijuana. I hadn’t ever tried marijuana before and it was quite an eye opening experience. For one thing the purple cannabis we smoked wouldn’t allow me to pretend I wasn’t falling in love with this girl. Talk about the benefits of marijuana. Of course we ended up getting married and we started careers and later a family. That hasn’t left a lot of time for recreational marijuana use. Plus, until just more than a year ago, only medical marijuana was legal in this state. So when I found out that our daughters were going away for the weekend with their aunt, I made a trip to the cannabis dispensary. I was able to locate some of the sativa products that we used back then. And I purchased some lovely cannabis edible as well. Then, I went home and made my wife’s most favorite dinner as a surprise date night. It was such a lovely evening. And that turned into just a fun and light hearted weekend. It was so fun to rediscover recreational marijuana together and have the whole house to ourselves to do just that.


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