Delivery prices are higher than the in store prices

My fiance and I went on vacation and both of us visited a arena where recreational marijuana is legal.

Both of us thought it might be fun to order recreational marijuana supplies from a dispensary, there was a dispensary close to our hotel and they gave free delivery; My fiance and I browsed the selection online, but when both of us were looking at the selection, both of us chose the option for pickup, then at the end of our order, both of us decided to change to delivery.

We thought it could be fun to stay in the hotel and order room service. When our fiance changed the option to delivery, the price in the cart changed, then i thought it was strange, so I tried to find out where the price difference was coming from. That’s when I realized that the delivery prices were higher than the prices in the store. When I changed the option back to option up, the total was the same as the first amount. My fiance and I did not want to spend our savings extra when the recreational marijuana dispensary was right across the street. We decided to take a walk before dinner. We still stayed in the room and ordered food from the hotel dining room, but both of us got high in the parking lot before both of us opted to go back to our room. My fiance and I had a lot of fun while both of us were on vacation, but the night both of us got high in the hotel room was an adventure that I won’t hastily forget. We laughed prefer teenagers and ate snacks prefer university teenagers. It was 1 of the best experiences that both of us have shared.
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