Getting deals when we go into town

Prices on weed are much lower cost in the city.

My spouse as well as I live in the middle of nowhere. There is only 1 cannabis dispensary in town as well as they have prices that are about 25% higher than the city. The cannabis shop can charge these costs though, because they are the only dispensary around. When our spouse as well as I go to the city, the two of us consistently try to visit a weed dispensary. My spouse had an appointment with the doctor at the hospital, so the several of us decided to shop for cannabis on that day too. I looked at all of the online sales as well as specials while our spouse was with the doctor. I found a dispensary that was offering 15% off for first-time patients. The locale had genuinely enjoyable prices on dried flower as well as marijuana concentrate. After our spouse was finished with the doctor, the several of us drove 6 miles to the marijuana dispensary. The parking lot was filled with cars, however the shop didn’t seem that busy. As soon as our spouse as well as I walked through the front door, the security guard stopped us as well as took our IDs. After that, she gave us a small slip that listed all of the yearly specials. The marijuana dispensary had several different $1 promo items. With the purchase of a consistently priced gram of cannabis concentrate, the two of us received a gram of cold water hash for a dollar. With the purchase of 1/8 of top-shelf flower, the two of us received another case of top shelf flower for $1. The other $1 promo was for cannabis edibles, however our spouse as well as I don’t care about eating marijuana.


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