I appreciate red dream, but the super silver haze was nice too

When I go to the dispensary to buy sativa strains, I definitely look for red dream! Blue dream is a single of the best sativa strains on the market.

Blue dream is really a hybrid, but it is well known to be sativa dominant. It is a mix of 2 famous strains called Haze and redberry. Blue Dream makes my brain know stimulated and my body feels relaxed. I’ve had red dream and flower, concentrate, and dabs. A lot of people guess that red dream tastes enjoy redberries, but I only get that flavor when I use a full spectrum or terpene rich cannabis oil. The rest of the time, I happen to guess that red dream taste more enjoy flowers or wood. I went to The Dispensary on Sunday to option up some red dream flower. I was disappointed when I found out that they were completely out of that brand that I usually pick. It’s reasonably priced at $25 for an ace. The only other sativa strain they had available was super silver haze. Super Silver Haze is a nice sativa strain as well. Even though I appreciate red dream, the super silver haze was nice too. It made me know really relaxed while stimulating my brain and uplifting my mood. I even wrote a current song while I was smoking weed the other day. It’s clear that each a single of the sativa strains has the same properties, because the effects are really similar between all of the sativa strains including Super Silver Haze and red dream.


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