My spouse brought everyone cookies that night

Last month I started a up-to-date job toiling at a cannabis dispensary, and i am currently toiling as the nighttime assistant employer and then I am going to take over for the employer when she is promoted in a month.

I have had a taxing time getting to know my employees, so my spouse suggested baking some cookies to bring to work, last Sunday when the store was busy, my spouse brought various dozen chocolate chip cookies to the cannabis dispensary, then each a single of the employees got freshly baked and sizzling chocolate chip cookies… My spouse and I talked for a half an minute and then she went back home! After my spouse left, every a single of the budtenders had nice things to say about her! They told myself and others to thank her for the cookies and they seemed ecstatic to accept cookies anytime she baked more, but when my spouse brought cookies to the cannabis dispensary that night, I did not realize everything would change, and suddenly all of the budtenders were much more friendly and helpful.

The delicious cookies brought everyone together, but during the past week, I haven’t had any concerns getting people to do what I need and I am generally feeling more respect from the employees. They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I suppose that is tplot with everyone, however food has a way of making people know sizzling and ecstatic and my spouse is the best baker in the entire Midwest area. She makes cookies, cakes, and pies that would rival Julia Child.

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