After camping during the worst weekend, I merely wanted to head back home

My awesome friends as well as I went camping a couple of weeks ago… The weather was said to be cool as well as brisk, but there was no rain at all in the forecast! If my awesome friends as well as I were thinking it was going to rain, the lot of us never would have left the residence to go to the mountains. I had a half ounce of marijuana as well as a pack of rolling papers. I have no issue in the least with rolling a joint on a windy day at the beach. I realized I would smoke a good portion of the bag, but I expected my awesome friends to bring some marijuana supplies also. Only Bobby brought weed too. Everybody else smoked the weed that I decided to take along with me. It made me pretty upset to be honest, but I never said anything to my awesome friends. The people I was with and I had many angry afternoons of rainy weather. I wanted to go back to my residence as soon as we arrived, but we actually had reservations until Sunday due to the holiday weekend. I ran out of weed late during Sunday evening. I did not have anything to smoke in the morning hours. I was cranky, irritable, as well as super aggravated that my awesome friends smoked all of my cannabis stash. All I was looking to do was go back to my residence as well as rest. Of course, I had to go to the weed store before I could do anything else. Since it was Monday as well as a holiday, the weed store was having a crucial sale. The parking lot was jammed up with cars as well as the shop was filled with tons of people. By the time I got back to my residence from the dispensary, it was late as well as the entire day was pretty much gone.

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