After camping for the weekend, I wanted to go home and relax

My friends and I went camping a couple of weeks ago.

  • The weather was supposed to be cool and brisk, but there was no rain at all in the forecast.

If my friends and I thought it was going to rain, we never would have left the house to go to the mountains. I had a half ounce of marijuana and a pack of rolling papers. I have no problem rolling a joint on a windy day at the beach. I knew I would smoke a large amount of the bag, but I expected my friends to bring some marijuana supplies of their own. Only Jack brought weed too. Everybody else smoked the weed that I brought. It made me feel extremely frustrated, but I never said anything to my friends. We had two miserable days of rainy weather. I wanted to go home on Saturday, but we had reservations until Monday due to the holiday weekend. I ran out of weed on Sunday night. I didn’t have anything to smoke on Monday morning when I woke up and took the tent down. I was cranky, irritable, and incredibly aggravated that my friends smoked all of my marijuana stash. All I wanted to do was go home and relax, but I had to go to the dispensary before I could do anything else. Since it was Monday and a holiday, the marijuana dispensary was having a huge sale. The parking lot was packed with cars and the shop was filled with people. By the time I got home from the dispensary, it was late afternoon and the entire day was gone.


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