Couldn’t make my online cannabis order

My bestie decided to ask me to order some items from the cannabis shop. Sadly, I totally as well as completely forgot. I did not remember until approximately an hour before she was supposed to be home from work. I went online to order all of the items. I was genuinely hoping they would arrive before she arrived back to her household. Everything was in stock, including the vape pen cartridges that my partner particularly wanted. I tried to actually place some of the items in the shopping cart. The page would not refresh as well as every time I hit the back button, I lost the items in the cart altogether. The situation became worse when my bestie called to say she was coming home early. At that point, I knew I had to get dressed as well as leave the household. I put on my jeans as well as a t-shirt as well as got into the car. I drove to the cannabis shop as well as picked up everything that my bestie suggested. They even had a promotion that included a free pre-roll with the purchase of $50 worth of products. I picked out a wonderful Indica pre-roll for my bestie. I thought it would be a pleasant surprise when she arrived home from her place of work that evening. I barely made it back to my household before her. Since I had to go to the dispensary, I did not have time to make any food. She wasn’t genuinely cheerful about that, however at least she had a bowl to smoke while I took care of the pasta. She thought the pre-roll was a wonderful surprise as well as made the choice to smoke that instead of a bowl. She was in a relatively happy mood by the time I had the food waiting as well as ready on the table.