Easy to sneak my cannabis use

I usually take a few hits in the bathroom or when I am alone in the house

I am twenty four years old and I still live at home. There really is no reason for me to move out. I work online so I don’t need a car and I am single so I don’t really need privacy. Living with my parents is great. I get meals made for me, my laundry done and I don’t pay for living expenses. I have a ton saved in my bank account. Someday I will move out and buy a house, but not today. There are a few snags with living with mom and dad. For one, I can never bring friends over since that is just weird. I have to go to them. Number two, it isn’t easy to meet men. I have to attend events, give them my number and then leave. I usually don’t mention my living situation since most people find it weird. Lastly, there are certain things I’d like to do that my parents don’t agree with. I am a cannabis user. I like to smoke cannabis oil to relax me. I am a pretty stressed and anxious person. I like to take a few puffs of my cannabis vape when I work and right before bed. I need to sneak it since my parents would have a problem with it. Thankfully, smoking cannabis oil is very discreet. I can hide it in my pocket or purse quite easily. The vapor has no smell and dissipates quickly. I usually take a few hits in the bathroom or when I am alone in the house. My parents don’t suspect anything and I get to smoke as much weed as I want. It keeps the peace.
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