Good for my soreness

I do a gymnastic based workout a few days a week.

I suppose I should take it easy as I get older but I can’t.

I truly like to push myself to see what tricks I can improve as well as achieve. I try to prove to myself that I am not slowing down although I am getting older. Professional gymnasts will tell you the peak age is around 17 years old. So at 27 years old, I am truly pushing it. I still do aerials, tucks, back handSprings as well as walkovers. I get disfigured all the time though. It is truly easy to overwork as well as have sore muscles. I frequently get where I have trouble walking, sleeping as well as just going about my day. Icy hot, heating pads as well as ice are all friends of mine, recently I got into trouble with my shoulders. I started doing too many back handSprings as well as being out of commission for days. The soreness just wouldn’t go away. I wanted something a little more powerful than icy hot. I read online that medical marijuana patients with chronic pain try topicals. This is a lotion, balm or patch that is applied directly to the skin. It has that icy hot feeling but is infused with cannabis for an added kick. I immediately got on it by getting a medical marijuana card. Now I am trying out topicals for the first time. I can already tell you it is better than icy hot. I do a pure CBD strain so I don’t get any THC content in my bloodstream. It still does the job well as well as doesn’t affect my bi-weekly workouts.

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