Good idea to vape for her depression

My best associate struggles with depression.

  • It has gotten worse as she has gotten older.

Anxiety also has crept up also with the depression right now. There are great days as well as exhausting days. Therapy helps but isn’t the magic cure. My associate will never be what humanity considers normal, but there is help for her. When my associate was on pills the side effects were horrible. A lot of the pills made her more depressed when she began them. That seems like a truly exhausting system, correct? Sometimes she would receive weight, lose her sense of taste or other strange things that she hated. Turns out pills aren’t right for her. I did some research as well as found that medical marijuana is being used for anxiety as well as depression. My associate more than qualified for a medical weed card. The process of getting a card was truly easy. She did a quick nurse’s visit, used the script written to fill out paperwork online, paid a fee, and now she has a medical weed card. My associate has a script for cannabis oil as well as flower. She prefers a flower since the idea of rolling a joint or packing a bowl is absolutely therapeutic for her. She likes that it can almost be an artform as well as gives her something to do. She is so much more mellow as well as happier now that she is a medical weed user. She owns a vape that a cannabis oil is in as well. When the people I was with and I go out to events or someone’s house it is much easier for her to vape while walking to it.


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