Gymnastic injury and chronic pain

I did college level gymnastics a few years ago.

I was a tumbler or a stunt person, whatever lingo you enjoy better. My college team was pretty great as well as consistently trying modern students. Of course, like any activity, there are injuries. A few times I fell pretty hard. There was a single stunt that was called a tuck toss. I threw myself in the air, I did a back tuck as well as I was supposed to land on my feet. I totally slipped through as well as landed on my butt as well as back. I have consistently experienced pain as well as stiffness ever since. When I was tumbling, running as well as stretching everyday, it wasn’t bad, and now I work a full time job at a desk. My back tenses up all the time now. I get in so much pain where my back has these spasms. I have tried a nurse as well as the pills prescribed. That didn’t do anything but give me strange side effects. A buddy of mine commanded medical cannabis. Apparently the number one reason people go to a cannabis dispensary is for chronic pain. I started looking at all the peculiar chances for medical weed. There are sativas as well as indicas. Edibles, oils, flower, tinctures as well as pre-roll joints. It was truly overwhelming. I was extremely relieved the medical marijuana dispensary I went to was professional as well as prepared to spoon feed me the information. They helped me find the right strain as well as THC content. They also talked to me about dose as well as what I should think afterwards. I am hoping I start to see improvement.
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