Hiking while vaping is the best

I just grab and take a hit when I feel like it.

I am a pretty athletic person. I like to go on long bike rides, kayak, camp or run. I am constantly doing something physical. One of my favorite things is to hike however. I love finding a new trail, filling my backpack and going for a hike. It is low impact but a great work out. My muscles are always quite tight and sore after a long hike. I get to see great sights, be out in nature and be physical. My boyfriend and I go for a hike a few times a month. He likes to purchase sunflower seeds at the gas station. He will chew and spit out the shells during a hike. It relaxes it, tastes good and he can do it right outside. For me I load up on cannabis oil and I vape while we hike. I like that I am getting great views while feeling quite mellow. I don’t mind if I have a bit of THC In my strain as well. While hiking I don’t need to be totally sober and with it. That is the beauty of that type of workout. I tend to appreciate nature more when I am a little high. It is easy to puff while walking too. I keep my cannabis vape on a lanyard that I wear around my neck. I just grab and take a hit when I feel like it. I also have a sound doc clipped to my backpack for music and my water bottle in a holder at my side. I feel like a Western gunslinger. Anything I want is in easy reach.

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