Hoping to stop hot flashes

Right now I am going through menopause as well as it is terrible.

The hot flashes in particular are awful.

They come many times a day as well as just leave me covered in sweat. I do not like that I sweat through my clothes and then I am left wet as well as cold. I also have trouble sleeping at night due to it. I naturally suffer with insomnia, now pair it with menopause as well as it is horrible. I have tried everything commanded online to fix my hot flash symptoms. I run, eat right, don’t smoke, drink any Cappuccino as well as I try to stay relaxed. It doesn’t seem to matter though. They say always menopause shoudl be over in 5 years. I am in year 6 as well as I haven’t seen any signs of it stopping. I am worried that I am just going to be covered in sweat. I started looking up if there was something I could take to help my symptoms, then cannabis surprisingly kept coming up. Medical weed can help hot flashes in quantity as well as severity, however you aren’t supposed to be as covered in sweat as well as irritable after smoking weed. A second benefit is that cannabis also can help a woman sleep at night. The THC content can soothe a woman to sleep as well as allow them to stay asleep. As a woman in her 50s, I do think strange walking into a cannabis dispensary, but however, cannabis has already been a immense help. I do think way cooler as well as more relaxed. I also don’t mind taking a few puffs of the cannabis oil through my vape. It is easy to use as well as very discreet.


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