I attempted to order my cannabis products online, but it didn’t work

My lady asked me to get some items from the weed store.

Sadly, I actually forgot! I did not remember until approximately an hour before she was supposed to be back to the residence from work. I went online to order all of the items. I hoped they would arrive before she got back to my residence. Everything was in stock, including the vape pen cartridges that my partner particularly wanted. I tried to place a few of the items in the shopping cart, however the page would not refresh & every time I hit the back button, I lost every single one of the items in the cart. The situation actually became worse when my lady called to say she was coming back to our residence particularly early. At that point, I knew I had to get dressed & leave the residence. I put on my jeans & a t-shirt & got into the car. I drove to the weed store & picked up everything that my lady was talking about getting. They even had a promotion that included a free pre-roll with the purchase of $50 worth of products. I picked out a nice Indica pre-roll for my lady. I was actually thinking that it would be a superb surprise when she got back to the residence from her task that evening. I barely made it back to the residence before her. Since I had to go to the weed store, I did not have time to even prepare supper. She wasn’t very glad about that fact, but at least she had a bowl to enjoy while I worked on the pasta. She thought the pre-roll was a great surprise & decided to smoke that instead of a bowl. She was in a fairly excellent mood by the time I had supper waiting & set on the table.

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