Medical marijuana doctors used to make a fortune

Medical marijuana was legalized 10 years ago in this state.

Back then it was absolutely difficult to get a medical marijuana card and the doctors made a luck off the patients that wanted to use the legal drug.

The medical doctors made it difficult to get a recommendation. They required several visits and a lot of money up front. I was $1,100 into the process before I found out that the doctor I was using was no longer certified to supply a medical marijuana recommendation, then eventually I gave up and decided to buy all of my medical marijuana from a street vendor. A few years after medical marijuana was legalized, the laws changed and it was much easier for people to apply for a card. The doctors no longer make a luck trying to get patients to jump through hoops just to become certified. Several of the medical marijuana dispensaries can now certify you on the spot if you speak with a doctor and set up a 20 minute consultation. I decided to go to 1 of these medical marijuana facilities to see if I could qualify for a marijuana card. The arena only required me to pay the fees that it does state and government charge. They didn’t charge me anything extra for helping with the process and they did not charge me for meeting with a doctor either. I buy all of my medical marijuana supplies from this particular dispensary. They helped me get started and made the process super self-explanatory. I aIso prefer the selection of products that they have available in the store.

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