My dad ordered weed from a hotel room

My associate Jack called me seven times on Thursday while I was at work; I didn’t see the missed calls until after lunch.

I started to freak out as soon as I saw the missed calls.

It was unofficial for Jack to call so numerous times in a row. I truthfully thought something must be wrong, however when I saw the calls I picked up the iphone plus called our best friend, however he didn’t answer, which was incredibly frustrating. He called me seven times, however he couldn’t option up when I called him back. When I finally got a hold of Jack, he refused to tell me what was going on until both of us met in person… That made me even more upset plus anxious. I was afraid our best associate was going to give me terrible news plus I was right to know anxious, and jack plus I met at a bar that both of us often visit to watch sports games. Jack was still wearing his work shirt. He looked genuinely upset plus his hands were shaking. I told him to tell me what was going on already. I couldn’t wait any longer for the terrible news. That’s when Jack told me that he made a marijuana delivery to a hotel plus our dad was the recipient. Jack thought it was odd that our dad was ordering marijuana from a hotel room in the middle of the afternoon on a Thursday. I agreed with Jack that it seemed incredibly strange. I have not said anything to our dad about the marijuana delivery plus hotel room, because frankly I don’t even think how to approach the subject. It makes me know miserable to even know that he might be cheating on our mom.

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