My parents use CBD throughout the day to feel more at ease and calm

Both of my parents have struggled with anger issues throughout life.

  • When we were teenagers, they were hard on my sister and I, especially whenever we’d make mistakes.

The two of us spoke about how we wished our parents would learn to calm down instead of getting enraged at every little thing in life that upsets them. I know that men and women go through hormonal changes and shifts later in life, so their behavior was probably a result of that as much as it was of anything else. When I noticed their demeanor improve suddenly, I was surprised. They’re both in their late 60s so they are past the age where they’d be experiencing more hormonal changes from natural age progression. Instead, I learned that they are taking a new supplement that surprised me to no end. They’re both consuming CBD products throughout the day because the CBDS makes them feel more at ease and calm with the stresses of everyday life. They found a CBD shop on the other side of town and have been buying all sorts of different CBD products every week for the past two months. The CBD started out by primarily easing all of their physical discomfort. Their arthritis improved, along with their back and leg pain. But the most surprising change was to their mental health. They both seemed genuinely happy and at ease with life, despite their continued strife with finances. I haven’t seen my parents so content and I know I have CBD to thank for that. With the CBD products my parents are consuming, I don’t think that they would be doing half as well as they are right now amid all the other struggles in life.

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