Research before you buy

It is overwhelming the first time you walk into a cannabis dispensary.

What do you get? How much THC vs CBD? What is a good price for this product? There are so many questions a first time customer thinks about.

My advice is to research before walking in. You don’t want to walk in and not know how much THC you are looking for. Do you even want to get high? If you are looking for a CBD product, understand the difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD. There is more than one way to take in cannabis too. There are flower forms that you can pack in a bowl, bong, hookah or pre-roll to just name a few. Some people don’t like this form because you are getting some bad things when you inhale the plant. It is nothing like tobacco, but it isn’t totally good for your lungs. Cannabis oil is a much cleaner and safer way to smoke. The vape pen for the oil is easy to load, charge and use. You just press a button and it heats the cannabis to the point where you are only getting pure marijuana. What if you don’t want to smoke? Know your options before going into the store. There are a wide range of edibles when it comes to marijuana. You can get cannabis infused drinks, cookies, chocolates, gummies, gums, and mints. There are even cooking oils and butters with cannabis. Are you looking for a topical, which is a cream applied directly to the skin? Those with chronic pain might be looking at that option too. Knowing a bit before walking into the cannabis dispensary is smart.


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