The cannabis company website was not professional looking

They were all the same item.

I got my marijuana card and the both of us work Lee full to finally visit a cannabis dispensary. After one visit, the both of us found out that they had an online dispensary. When the two of us went to the website, the two of us found cannabis specials that were online. Along with all of these specials, every one of us got to view the products plus choose any item that we wanted. After making these choices, the two of us placed an order as well as choose our delivery time from the same day. We didn’t have to pay for it that marijuana products until the two of us went to The Dispensary. This was exactly the way that the website was going to work, however, this was not the case. Many of the connections on the website we’re not working much at all. They easily showed some items for sale, however, after putting them in the basket to sale price was different. I also had problems with numerous items in the basket. They were all the same item. Every one of us knew the dispensary website was in need of some work. The two of us advised the manager about the dispensary and how it needed a lot of work. The manager told me that a web designer was currently investigating the website and working on things, but did say that it was probably going to take a couple of weeks before everything was worked out. Since the website wasn’t going to help get new customers, I decided just to go to the dispensary and place my order in person instead of trying to deal with the online website mess.


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