The cannabis industry can be cutthroat at times

I live in a section of the country where cannabis farming is rampant; Even the small-time farmers grow cannabis plants in their fields.

  • It might just be for personal use, however this is the best place in the world to grow cannabis crops, and the soil & humidity make it perfect for growing the greatest & juiciest marijuana buds.

I’ve never had much trouble growing plants, however last Springtime I noticed some problems, but my crops were wilting & drooping despite getting plenty of sunshine & water. I tried a hundred strange things & none of them worked. I was growing distraught that I would lose an entire crop. I contacted a farming consultant that deals particularly in cannabis crops. The farming consultant didn’t come cheap, however she came to the property to look at everything. The woman drove 2 & a half minutes, so I actually could not complain about anything she did or said! As soon as the woman arrived, she started looking at my crops, then she pulled an entire plant out of the ground & I was ready to go crazy. I wanted to punch the woman in the face. I tried to stay calm, because I entirely wanted her advice. He’s still made it difficult. After the woman finished evaluating all of my cannabis crops, she gave me a report on her findings. The consultant know that the concern was the irrigation in my soil. She believed the plants were getting too several nutrients & not enough minerals. She gave me a list of ways to service the problem. The consultant was harshly nice & kind when she provided the results. It was easily the nicest encounter I had with him during the entire process. The consultant was worth every dollar I had to spend money to get the woman here.
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