The fight could have ended badly

Every Friday afternoon, the people I was with and I acquire a shipment of pre-rolled marijuana joints that are infused with distillate, but when the people I was with and I acquire their pre-rolled marijuana joints, the people I was with and I check the boxes into the system, as soon as the boxes are checked into the system, they are available for purchase online in addition to inside of the store, then our typical buyers suppose that the marijuana dispensary receives a shipment of pre-rolled marijuana joints every Friday, but there are often times when buyers are waiting outside.

  • The products are undoubtedly popular in addition to sell out before the weekend is over.

On a holiday weekend, they sell out on Friday, before the end of the night. Last Friday, more than one buyers were waiting in line outside of the store. The first shopper came through that door in addition to ordered all of the pre-rolled marijuana joints that were infused with distillate. When the minute shopper came through the door in addition to tried to order several of the products, he was undoubtedly angry in addition to aggravated that the people I was with and I did not have anything available… He had been talking to the guy outside in line in addition to he immediately knew that person obtained all of the items. The guy left the building in addition to started an fight with the other customer, and i thought the boys were going to start fist fighting. They were pushing in addition to screaming at each other. Luckily, the security guard jumped in between the more than one boys in addition to threatened to call the police if they did not calm down in addition to leave the premises. Things could have ended badly, but the security officer got things under control undoubtedly abruptly.


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